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New Treatment for Lice

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Wed, 09/05/2018 - Mon, 31/12/2018

Parents - if your kids have lice, there's a new lice treatment out called Dimethicone, which seems to be far more effective than the current insecticide treatments that are only 50%-70% effective now due to resistance.
It is available on prescription and is funded although there will likely be a prescription fee if you just ring the GP.
Note that it is free if you take your child to the GP.
It is an oil that combs through the hair very easily and gets left on overnight. There is no oily residue, no odour and so easy to use. Wash out in the morning and repeat in a week.
It works by suffocating the lice. Alternatively, it can be bought from the pharmacy and the price seems to range between $10-$15 a bottle.