Backpaddock Lakes Boat Race - Sat 14 Oct

Event date: 
Sun, 14/10/2018

The first annual Backpaddock Lakes Boat Race is on its’ way, as part of the Central Hawke’s Bay Spring Fling.
The Challenge has been laid down, Backpaddock Lakes Boat Race will require grit, stamina and some serious boat building skills. Reputations will be on the line!
Teams are tasked to enter their homebuilt boats, racing the full length of Backpaddock Lakes, round the Island and back to claim ultimate glory - hopefully making it across the finish line with boats in one piece.
Teams must be made up of four members, boats need to be completely hand-made, no pre-existing boat-like structures will be accepted. Boats must be non-motorised but teams are able to power their boats with sailing rigs or sails. Paddles are probably essential to ensure some traction to make it to the end of the Lake and back! The Lake is 760m long, so you’re racing just over 1.5km.
Backpaddock Lakes wanted to create a fun event, to bring together families and the Central Hawke’s Bay Community to celebrate the Spring Fling and mark the opening of Backpaddock Lakes 2018/19 season.
We are planning a great afternoon of entertainment at Backpaddock Lakes, including music, BBQ and picnic. A family friendly environment.
Entry details and rules attached. Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for more info