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FRIDAY 11 MAY 2018

The majority of traffic management and speed restrictions have been removed for the Tukituki Bridge.

Since the start of February contractors for the New Zealand Transport Agency have been working under the bridge to reinforce 12 concrete beams to allow heavier trucks to use the road in the future.

Closing one lane at night time, traffic lights, stop/go signs and a 30km/hr speed limit were all put in place, but with only minor repairs and painting left to do under the bridge, NZTA says this can be done without the need for any traffic restrictions.

An NZTA spokesperson said a hanging scaffold will then be removed from road level with some manual traffic management but this should only be for half a day, with full removal and disestablishment by the end of the week.


The Ministry for Primary Industries says pasture covers and fodder crops in the region are looking good for winter.

In it's monthly report for the Hawke's Bay Regional Council, MPI says Pastoral farms in most areas of Hawke’s Bay had sufficient and reasonably regular rain over late summer and early autumn to produce good pasture growth.

Warm weather alongside the rainfall increased the incidence of worm burdens, facial eczema and fly strike but MPI says the cold, wintry blast in mid-April should have put an end to those.

The report says although ewes would have gone to the ram in good condition, the resulting scanning and lambing percentages in spring may reflect some of these animal health challenges.

Dairy farmers also continue to enjoy a positive season, and will not dry cows off until well into May/June to take advantage of the good pasture.


Hawke's Bay Police are asking people to keep their eyes and ears open for thieves stealing the wheels off cars.

There have been many cases reported around the region lately where vehicle owners have found sometimes all four wheels taken when they go to use them in the morning.

Police say anyone who knows anything can let Police know confidentially by ringing Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111, and they also ask anyone who sees anything suspicious to report it straight away.


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