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Thursday 7th December

Tararua District Council staff, councillors and civil defence volunteers paid a visit to Hawke’s Bay recently.
The trip, organised by the Council’s resilience manager Paddy Driver, took in the Hastings District Council emergency operations centre, a visit to Haumoana Beach, and a briefing by a staff member of East Coast LAB based at the National Aquarium in Napier.

Mr Driver said the Kaikoura earthquake last November had a massive impact on the eastern plate boundary off the east coast of Tararua, resulting in slow slip activity in the Hikurangi subduction zone.

A subduction zone is where one tectonic plate dives under another plate, causing a megathrust.

Mr Driver said with the Hikurangi plate boundary the fastest moving slow slip in New Zealand, it is not a question of if it will happen - it is now a question of when it happens.

He said educating civil defence staff was vital as slow slips could set off faults in Tararua, and had the potential to cause a major earthquake.

Mr Driver said there is also a real risk of tsunami at the likes of Akitio and Herbertville.

He said the tour had been highly successful and everyone had learnt a lot from it.


Police have confirmed a body found in Pahiatua on Sunday was that of missing woman Elizabeth Udy.

Ms Udy went missing on October 11th, with search teams scouring the Mangatainoka River and surrounding land areas.

Her body was found on Sunday in the same area she was last seen.

Police say their thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.