Don't miss heavy duty action this Saturday with the Super Stock Masters Champs at Meeanee Speedway

There'll also be Stock cars battling it out for the Kuru Cup

Meeanee Speedway - Racing from 7pm

Strange events are taking place in Dannevirke's Fountain Theatre. The cast of "Clue" are in a house where all the external doors have been locked and vicious dogs roam the grounds.
Each cast member has a secret and a challenge to tackle, making them "uniquely motivated" but things change. At one point a member says "We have two bodies, one of which is missing and the imminent arrival of the police to look forward to."
How the plot evolves is for the audience to discover and possibly even influence.

Cinderella at the Central Hawke's Bay Municipal Theatre, 18 Kenilworth Street, Waipawa, Central Hawke's Bay

Starts: Thursday 19 November 2020 through to 28 November

"You shall go to the ball Cinderella"'s exciting news, theatre friends!

Waipawa M&D is thrilled that we will be bringing Sir Roger Hall's Cinderella, written especially for Waipawa M&D, to the stage this November.